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Winter is definitely here. Along with it, has come to the many colds, runny noses, coughs and sneezes. Everyone is feeling under the weather. Including your car. You do not realize it but, your car also gets ill in the winter. Whilst it may not have a runny nose (thank goodness!), it gets its own ailments due to the winter weather. Have you noticed ugly watermarks on the exterior of your car? They certainly did not get there by themselves. This is a result of the constant rain and snowfall that keeps coming down. They leave awful stains and make your car look most unsightly. Aside from this, you have also noticed peeling and patchy paintwork. This is due to the high levels of acid found in today's rain. The acid eats away at the paintwork, and the result remains for all to see. With time, the rain also will cause your car's bodywork to rust, if it hasn't already.


As a result of snowfall, the car freezes over. This is a down-right nuisance when you want to drive off to work in the mornings, and instead have to wait for over half an hour for the car to defrost. Aside from the inconvenience involved, it is also extremely dangerous. Frozen cars, mean frozen brakes. Frozen brakes mean ineffective braking that can actually cause hazardous driving and fatal accidents. Wind storms are another dimension of winter weather, and with them comes more havoc as far as your car is concerned. When the wind strikes, any bits of rubble, such as sticks and stones, that have been left in the streets are suddenly now hurtling through the air at top speeds. Invariably, as they fly past, the end up scratching and denting cars. All of this can be prevented by car covers. An all-weather car cover will assist you in making sure that there is no way any of this happens to your car again. Waterproof car covers mean that the rain, sleet, and snow simply run down the edge of the cover, and do not even get a look in at the car. Your car beneath remains bone dry.


Do not be worried that the car will get steamed up or rot whilst covered; breathable car covers prevent this. The material of all weather car covers is breathable meaning that air and moisture are allowed to escape away from the car through the material. This gives the car the ability to breathe and sweat when covered. The cover will also shield the car from those nicks and dings. The impact is absorbed by the cover, and no impression is left on the car itself. The car is cushioned by the car cover. Having a car cover is like making sure that you are properly dressed for the winter. It will combat all the winter woes, and, come what may keep your car in mint condition.


Covercraft Car Covers: A Superior Product



So you are thinking about purchasing a cover for your vehicle. Smart decision. Not only are vehicles susceptible to dents and scratches while in storage uncovered, you could also largely decrease the overall life of your vehicle by not protecting it properly. Protective covers are a good way to tackle these specific problems. They protect your automobile from dust, debris, and any conceivable little critter who might make its way into your storage unit or garage. In addition, you wind up saving a great deal of cash in the end in potential vehicle repairs by paying a bit upfront for a way to protect it. There is really nothing at all better. Now that you have made your decision to purchase a car cover, though, you must be astute about the particular brand you choose. Not all covers for your car are the same, although. One of the most traditional mistakes made by would-be protective car cover consumers is not learning about the specific materials and methods of production that go into making the most ideal car cover for their specific car requirements.


The majority of car covers are made with one kind of material and are meant to cover the entire car during the time it is stored. While this is not a negative thing, if your car cover doesn't breathe, you are going to come across an issue with it in the future. If it doesn't allow the air to circulate, any moisture or condensation that makes it way under the cover has no way of evaporating. This can obviously damage your car in the end. In the same vein, heat build-up can be harmful to your car. If your protective car cover does not permit air to move around, it can get insufferably hot in a short amount of time. That is why Covercraft car covers are better than the rest and ideal for most cars. Not only are all their specific materials breathable, but Covercraft also provides protective car covers for a variety of different storage conditions. For example, you might want to select a lightweight cover if you plan to keep your car in a garage, where you'll want a more durable cover that will protect against all forms of weather if it is just being left outdoors. Some of the material choices that you can select are polycotton, flannel, and specific fabrics that shield against weather or fit the vehicle in a very specific way.


All Covercraft covers come with double-stitched overlapped seams to make it as strong as possible. Neoprene elastic is sewn into the whole cover frame to ensure a good fit with your automobile. The material is also tested to make sure it is not abrasive to guarantee no scratching will happen. In the winter especially, everyone is trying their bets to protect their cars. No one likes it when they come out in the morning to find their car frozen over. Nor to find acid rain stains all over the exterior. Or peeling paint. These are just some of the ways that the winter weather attacks the cars parked outdoors unprotected. Each of the weather conditions, in their own way, bring down the value of your car, and reduce it to a wreck. The rain, sleet, snow and wind are the main culprits. Acid levels in the rain today are high, and they literally eat way at the cars paintwork. This is aside from the awful watermarks that are left on the exterior. Frozen brakes, a result of snow, and icy weather, provide ineffective braking. This, unfortunately, is extremely dangerous and even fatal. This is aside from the inconvenience of having to wait for ages in the mornings for the car to defrost. Winds cause all sorts of marks on cars. Anything that has been left lying in the street when a wind storm starts, suddenly find themselves hurdling through the air. This includes sticks and stones, and other rubble. As they whip around in the wind, they end up denting and scratching cars. In short, before long your car looses any sort of former glory.  You will end up spending hundreds of dollars trying to clean, polish and repair the damage. Why sit their idly, watching it happen, when it is so easy to prevent it?



Car covers are the best preventative medicine for cars. The will shield cars from harm so that there will be no need to send the car to be cleaned etc. You will end up cutting out on all those expenses, and the value of your car will not decelerate so quickly. Waterproof car covers will be able to completely and entirely protect your car from rain, sleet and snow, They will simply run down the side of the cover without even touching the car itself. The cover will provide warmth to the car so that it does not get frozen over and ruined. Each morning, all you have to do is simply roll back the cover, and drive off in your spotlessly clean car. The material of the cover is also breathable. This means that whilst the car is kept waterproof, air and moisture are allowed out, away from the car. This is so that the car can breathe and sweat whilst covered, and will not get steamed up or rot. In addition, the cover is able to cushion the car from flying debris. The impact of collisions will not be visible on the car, as the cover will absorb the shock.

A person's car represents a main financial purchase and because of this, you should properly care for your investment the best way possible. Since the paint on your car is a very thin layer (often only approximately 0.005 inches thick), it can be easily scratched by several factors and a car with nicked or destroyed paintwork is just not exactly the most appealing sight. Keeping your automobile protected with a car cover will decrease the following damage: Scratches and dents. Automobiles will get dented or scratches due to usual wear and tear and only coated that is armor plated can provide total protection. However, a protective car cover will provide some protection against damage caused by other automobiles or out of control shopping carts. Damage caused from nature. Nature frequently one way or the other inflict damage on our paintwork in the form of dirt, pollen and sap from trees or bird poop. In addition, if dust lands on your car, it can be abrasive if it is not carefully washed off. An outdoor car cover can give adequate protection against these particular attacks on your paint job. Weather inflicted damage. Rough climate conditions can inflict substantial harm on the finish and appearance of your vehicle. For instance, rain can get into tiny scrapes on your paint and kick start the corrosive process which can be accelerated if there's acid rain where you live. Relentless sun and the ultraviolet rays will definitely take their toll too. In this way a protective car cover acts both as an umbrella and sunblock for your vehicle.


Protection from theft. People who steal vehicles are pressured to complete their crime in the smallest amount time and most of the time avoid covered cars because of the extra time it takes. You can further dissuade thieves by utilizing a lock and cable to secure the protective cover. Your choice of car cover will be mainly governed by the climatic conditions in the neighborhood that you live in and how you use your car as well as where you keep it parked and how much you use your automobile. Whether or not you select an indoor or outdoor protective cover, there's no doubt that your investment in the automobile will be safeguarded and your resale value may just be significantly enhanced. Trying to find car covers or more info about vehicle accessories? Consider our company as a leading info provider for all of your auto accessory needs. Whether you are shopping for truck covers, universal-fit car covers or some other type of merchandise, our educated personnel can support you in finding the proper accessories at the correct prices. Vehicle accessories, like Covercraft car covers, are our area of expertise. You will have noticed by now that keeping your car outdoors is not ideal. It is left exposed to all the detriments of nature and their harsh elements. This can literally wreck your car, and shorten its life. However, practically speaking, how else can you protect it? For most, building a garage is simply out of the question. Aside from the monetary aspect, in which building a garage amounts to an absolute fortune, most people do not have the space for a garage. And if they did, they would much rather use that space on extending the house.


So what next?


Car Covers. Car covers are the increasing trend for outdoor protection for my car and shielding cars. They are more than just affordable, they save you money. Instead of having to constantly dole out money for car washes, polishing, waxing, and repairs etc, you buy the one-off car cover and it does the job for you. When you have a cover, there is absolutely no need for all of those added expenses, as the stains, and damage are prevented from occurring in the first place.

Aside from that car covers are portable garages. They are neat and compact when not in use and can be tucked away in a corner. This enables you to take it with you on all your journeys so that you are never caught out. You have your 'garage' wherever you want in the world. In fact, car covers provide better protection than garages. Even a car that is stored in a garage is at risk of getting knocked about and covered in dust and dirt. A cover, however, eliminates these problems. The cover will be able to cushion the car from any scrapes so that the car does not get scratched and dented. It is also a glorified dust sheet and no amount of dust or dirt will be able to work their way through on to the car. The car will be able to remain completely spotlessly clean. Whatever the weather is outside, your car can be protected and shielded so that there is no evidence on the car of what the weather was really like. There are many different covers available, depending on what sort of climate you live in. All-weather car covers are waterproof as well as ultraviolet resistant. This means that whether it is raining, snowing, windy or the sun is shining, your car will not get ruined by them in the slightest. It will remain in perfect, in mint condition, and always be clean and shining, come what may.